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AAA Construction provides the highest degree of customer service while caring for any disaster that befalls commercial or residential property. We will always care for our clients needs with the latest technology and most current education the disaster industry offers. We always accommodate our clients needs without compromising required industry standards.

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Storm Damage

Wind, hail, lighting, tornado, hurricanes, floodwaters…sometimes all in the matter of a few short hours. No matter the situation, AAA Construction is always at the ready to provide assistance for your home or business after a storm. We have experience in every storm and disaster situation possible so as to know the best, most efficient way to get you back to your normal activities.

Fire Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage

AAA Construction diagnoses the damage, creating a detailed property recovery plan. Whether it is a home or business, AAA Construction will restore it to its original state, guaranteeing the work is performed correctly, according to the latest training and industry standards. From the initial inspection through the cleanup and structural repairs – AAA Construction will provide customized and cost effective solutions to repair any home or business.


Water Room

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common but underestimated forms of damage to residential and commercial properties. Arising from a variety of sources such as fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, faulty appliances, storms and other causes, property owners can be astounded by the damage water can cause in a very short period of time.

When water damages are not attended to immediately or thoroughly, it leads to “secondary damage”. Secondary damage is usually more expensive and inconvenient and generally occurs when property owners or managers try and dry out their own premises without help from professional remediators. Secondary water damage can also happen when extensive time has elapsed and water intrusion has drifted behind walls and begun to wick through drywall, carpet and other building materials. When water intrudes to these areas without professional remediation, it often results in inevitable mold issues when the untracked moisture is met with heat and other factors that facilitate microbial growth.

Water House

To keep water intrusion damage to a minimum, AAA Construction relies on the latest moisture detection equipment, including infrared cameras to identify all moisture points. With 24/7 availability and state-of-the-art equipment, AAA Construction will pinpoint the water damage therefore eliminating repair costs and ensuring an accurate diagnosis of the damage. Working directly with insurance companies, AAA Construction restores homes and business to their original states with leading industry techniques and equipment allowing the client peace of mind during the remediation process.

Termite Damage

Termite Damage

Although termites are ecologically beneficial in that they break down detritus to add nutrients to soil, the same feeding behaviors that prove helpful to the ecosystem can cause severe damage to human homes. Because termites feed primarily on wood, they are capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure. Termite damage can render structures unlivable until expensive repairs are conducted.

Homes constructed primarily of wood are not the only structures threatened by termite activity. Homes made from other materials may also host termite infestations, as these insects are capable of traversing through plaster, metal siding and more. Termites then feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings and wooden furniture within these homes.

Because termites are often not identified before considerable damage has occurred, it is advised that homeowners experiencing a termite infestation contact AAA Construction before attempting to address the problem on their own. Our professionals will conduct an inspection in order to correctly identify the problem and will then discuss possible avenues of treatment with homeowners.

Call us today and let our industry educated staff restore your home to its original state with leading industry techniques and equipment.